Building Generous Leaders and Healthy Organizations

What IS a Generous Leader?

Good leaders and healthy organizations value diversity of thought, uniqueness of experience, and the human element over the bottom line. We aim to build a generation of generous leaders, who positively impact the world. Popham Associates bridges the gap between industry experience and human connection to help leaders grow, increase their authority, and build harmoniously productive teams.

Leadership Consulting Services

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Coaching is a trusted relationship to change behavior and promote performance. Meet one-on-one with Todd, come up with a development plan with achievable professional goals, and begin a new journey toward a fulfilled career.
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Whether you are small family business struggling to grow, a medium sized business with accountability and teamwork challenges, or a nonprofit needing a new direction, Todd offers the voice of experience to build value through strategic planning and execution.  Our consulting focus is on building both business and personal effectiveness, realizing leaders need to manage themselves to effective lead their organization.
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Work with Todd to improve individual and team performance.  Todd specializes in communication, delegation, building trust, and many other interpersonal skills needs.  Together we will identify your needs and build a customized training experience to increase performance. Todd also facilitates off-site strategic retreats and training events for non-profit boards.

The Popham Associates Story

Popham Associates began in Millersville, MD with no clients, great optimism, and a five-year plan. The plan had been in place for several years — it needed a start date. After 32 years as a leader with State Farm Insurance, our founder Todd Popham retired with a vision of offering consulting, coaching, and training services to help individuals and organizations grow and prosper.

We owe our growth to our clients—allowing us to meet their needs, sharing their expertise and feedback to make us better, and referring us based on a quality experience. The Popham Associates journey has now expanded beyond Maryland to serving clients in eight other locations: Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, & North Carolina.”

Consulting Credentials

15 Lessons for Busy Leaders

Great leaders know the importance of developing high-performing individuals and teams. They face the reality of time constraints, competing priorities, and too many potential solutions. If only there was a market-tested leadership resource filled with timely, practical ideas that work!

Five Minutes to Lead is a gift to the busy leader. The book offers fifteen five-minute lessons featuring real workplace challenges and practical recommendations to improve individual and team performance.

What Our Readers Have to Say

“I recommend Five Minutes to Lead to new and experienced leaders who want practical ideas to improve individual and team performance.  Todd has been a valuable mentor to me and understands what works leading people.  An easy to use reference with fifteen leadership insights that can be quickly read and put into action.”

Tracey Siems, Brigadier General, USAF

What's Next?

Todd’s latest book, The Generous Leader, is coming out in early 2023! Sign up for updates.

Leadership Articles & Resources

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Leading Through Negativity

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Leadership and Emotions – Joy

Leadership and Emotions – Joy

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Leadership and Emotions – Fear

Leadership and Emotions – Fear

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