Five Minutes to Lead

Great leaders know the importance of developing high-performing individuals and teams. They face the reality of time constraints, competing priorities, and too many potential solutions. If only there was a market-tested leadership resource filled with timely, practical ideas that work!

Five Minutes to Lead is a gift to the busy leader. The book offers fifteen, five minute lessons featuring real workplace challenges and practical recommendations to improve individual and team performance. The lessons are adapted from the author’s monthly newsletter and reflect wisdom learned and shared over thirty-plus years as a leader, coach, and teacher.

The book focuses on interpersonal skills critical to working effectively with others—such as humility, resilience and building trust. Each lesson offers stories of success and failure with three suggestions for skill development. A discussion guide is included to share the lessons in team meetings, coaching sessions, and building individual development plans.

Think about the wisdom you have gained leading other people, and the stories that need to be told. These insights will inspire you to reflect and share the lessons you have learned along the way.

You have a lifetime to lead—take five minutes to read!

Coming Soon

Stuck @ Work

A field guide for leaders who are dissatisfied with their career and need a new journey toward professional fulfillment. A journey guided by your HEART—humility, energy, agility, relationships, and trust.

The Generous Leader

Generous leaders understand the importance of healthy organizations and their role to lead by example. The key is developing a giving versus taking leadership mindset, keeping your promises, and exceeding expectations.