For 2022, a New Generous Leader

by | Dec 22, 2021 | News

Note to Readers – New Generous Leader Format Coming in 2022

I have been fortunate to be publishing a leadership newsletter the past eight years. When I began this endeavor, I never expected it to last so long, or to reach so many people. Your feedback, responses and comments on the newsletter mean so much to me, and are what motivates me to do more research and insightful content each time.

The time has come, after over one hundred newsletters, to introduce the next evolution of The Generous Leader Newsletter.

The new format will continue to offer practical insights on leadership and workplace topics. My topics are selected from reader feedback, leadership research, and client coaching.

How is the newsletter format changing?

  • Shorter leadership message
  • Sharing team building best practices
  • Asking Readers, “What Do You Think?”
  • Offering links to practical books and articles

As we close out 2021, a challenging year, it is always good to think of how we can bring joy to others. Here is a link to one of my favorite newsletters last year – “A Little Can of Oil.” A reminder to be a generous leader during this holiday season, and share our attention with those who matter most.

A special thanks to my loyal readers, a community of over six hundred leaders throughout the United States and the world. As we become more generous leaders, we build healthy organizations and a better world.

Happy holidays!